ELITE 25/16 20KG


For adult dogs of all breeds


Healthy Skin and Silky Coat (Essential Fatty Acids):
The incorporation of biotin and chelated zinc and an optimal balance of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) promote healthy skin and a silky coat.

The balanced supply of 40 essential nutrients, the protection of vitamins and the integration of natural antioxidants (polyphenols from apple fibers and rosemary extracts) give the dog vitality and health.

Digestive safety and comfort:
The combination of probiotics (Enterococcus faecium) and prebiotics (FOS) promotes the development of good intestinal flora. Clay and brewer’s yeast secure digestive transit. The artichoke, natural hepato-protector, avoids any overload of the liver and allows a good digestive functioning.

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