SlimCat is good for activating the overweight cat! Fill SlimCat with the cat’s dry food & let the cat chase the ball, the reward falls out through the adjustable holes. Indoor cats in particular need to be kept active to prevent obesity or deviant behavior. SlimCat feed ball playfully mimics the natural hunt for food.

– Diameter about 7 cm
– Fits most types of dry food and sweets
– Makes it possible to divide the daily amount of feed
– Enriches the cat’s environment and prevents the cat from developing unwanted behavior
– Play and exercise at the same time
– Counteracts obesity and helps your cat reach an optimal weight
– Holds about 150 g of dry food

As with all toys, the cat should be supervised when playing. Check the product regularly and replace it if it is broken or pieces are missing, to avoid possible injury to the cat.


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